Health Care Strategies

How to protect yourself when you go to the doctor: Provide good information, maximize your 15 minutes and keep your own records.

According to the American Society of Internal Medicine, 70 percent of a correct diagnosis depends solely on what the patient tells the provider. Giving providers as much information as possible about your health can help them make faster, more accurate decisions about your condition and treatment.

If providers don’t ask, tell them things about your disability they should know. Give them relevant information about how your disability affects your health care. (If you prefer that certain information not …

Managing Your Own Health Care

You’ve got to be a savvy consumer to make sure your needs are met.

By June Isaacson Kailes

Finding your way safely through the increasingly complex health care jungle is never easy, especially if you are sick. It can be a tricky and pressure-filled business, but there are ways to protect yourself.

The most important thing to recognize is that ultimately you and you alone are responsible for managing your own health.

As a friend Darrell Jones put it, “I finally began to apply to myself what I had been preaching to the disabled community in my work: take back …