Disabled and Sexual

Being disabled means approaching the world and its challenges in a different way, especially when it comes to sex. And let’s face it, sex can be full of obstacles and problems even with optimal conditions; adding a disability into the mix can be downright disastrous. That’s why so many disabled people are turning to sex toys for help with their intimate relations and finding that whether they’re playing solo or with a partner, a toy can help make the experience not only possible, but extremely pleasurable.

We recommend Sex Toys 24/7 – I proven company established in 2009, with a history of providing not only quality sex toys, excellent customer service and advice to the disabled shopper, but also an employer of able-disabled people.

While not perfect, and not how society would like to think it operates, often a sex toy can be the best friend of the disabled person.

Here are a few videos on the topic.

Why Use a Sex Toy?
The most common reason for buying a sex toy is usually because it feels good but adult toys can serve a dual purpose by providing added stability, endurance, or increased sensation that can put the buzz back into a lagging sex life. And that sex life is important as research shows that sex and masturbation can have dramatically positive effects on health by relaxing muscles and easing tension, aiding in deeper, faster sleep, and improving self-esteem.

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy (for a disabled person)
There are very few adult toys that tailor to those with special needs or disabilities, but that by no means implies that accessible sex toys don’t exist. To help you narrow down your search we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider along with a few suggestions to start you off.

• Mobility and Motor Control Issues
Disabilities that affect motor control and mobility will have a significant impact on the type of toy you choose. Too heavy and you may not be able to hold it, the wrong shape and it may not rest in your hand. Before you pick out a toy consider where you want to use the toy and if you’ll be able to reach all the way with it in your hand. Will you be able to manipulate as well as apply pressure while keeping a hold of it? For those that can answer yes to some or all of these questions it will be easy to choose a toy, but for those whose answers were far more negative there are a few easy solutions.

Choose a toy that can be used with a remote like the smooth egg shaped Bsoft Premium that rests on the body without being held in place or if you tend to drop things because of spasms try a vibrator or dildo with a loop at the end like the Isla from LELO so you don’t have to keep stopping to pick it up. And these toys are both extremely sturdy so if they are dropped they’ll keep on going.
For men with erectile difficulties an extender or hollow strap-on like the ones from Fetish Fantasy will sheath a flaccid penis allowing for them to participate in sexual intercourse with their partner, granting access to what may have been a previously denied point of intimacy.

• Decreased Sensation
When sensations are decreased you’ll want to ensure that your vibrator is reverberating at full power because a soft motor will not likely get your own motor running. For those that suffer through issues with decreased sensitivity experimenting with sensation toys like clamps, paddles, and whips are often used, but should be done so carefully so that they can be felt but remain safe. Shorter lengths will add more control for new users while a paddle like the Scandal Paddle offers more precision aiming.

• Increase Sensation
If you feel everything more than most you won’t want a motor that beats a frenzy or anything with a sticky or rough surface. Opt instead for smooth dildos and low powered vibrators like the Picobong Tano or the OCO D2.

• Fatigue
If you get tired easily you’ll want a toy that isn’t too heavy and difficult to hold on to. Avoid glass toys, their dense material is extremely heavy, and keep toys small enough to hold in a single hand. Lay on vibrators or panty vibes are a great alternative for those that don’t think they’ll be able to hold on for the long run, and they’re a lot of fun too when you slip your panties on for a night out with the vibrator tucked inside.

Sex toys are enjoyed by disabled people for the same reasons that anyone else likes to play with they: they’re fun and make you feel good, they offer variety, provide a means for experimenting sexually, and to have some fun and kinky sex! But they can also serve as an import tool to assist them with difficulties whether they are sexual, physical, mental, or sensory.


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